Coding, redesigned.

Introducing the revolutionary new coding suite
for building great-looking web apps. Fast.

Canvas Composer is the fastest way to build
component-driven apps for the real world.

Rapid prototyping

Use the drag and drop app design tools to build a fully-interactive prototype from a wide range of configurable UI components

Large-scale projects

Use Canvas Composer in your day-to-day workflow to see how its advanced development environment can save you time on coding, designing and iterating

Take your app from prototype to production

Canvas Composer gives you all the tools you need to sketch out a fully-functioning interface protoype in minutes, and to gradually evolve that prototype until it becomes a full-blown production app.

Top-quality component libraries

Canvas Composer ships with support for popular UI libraries such as Bootstrap and Material Design, or you can even create your own in-house custom component library.

Prototype within a real codebase

Create fully-interactive prototype experiments embedded in-situ within your actual app, rather than building elaborate mock-ups that fall out of date as you iterate on your project.

Design and code side-by-side

Canvas Composer lets you edit your components visually, switching into the code editor whenever you need to add fine-grained interactivity or custom functionality.

Drag and drop interface design

Construct an app interface by dragging components onto the workspace, using the live property editor to link elements together and add interactivity. Responsive preview controls show how your interface scales across different devices.

High-quality editable code output

Canvas Composer saves all your components as clear, testable, well-documented React source files. These files can be hand-edited to add complex custom behavior, without losing the ability to edit the component visually.

Built for serious coders

Canvas Composer allows you to build real large-scale web applications rather than just smoke-and-mirrors prototypes, and integrates well with any existing project setup.

Turbocharge your coding

Canvas Composer autogenerates all the repetitive boilerplate code for you, saving time and ensuring consistency across all your project's components.

Use alongside existing tools

Canvas Composer components are just plain React JavaScript files. This allows Canvas Composer to integrate seamlessly with your existing version control, test suites, and build and deployment process.